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    A vegetable bin built in the form of a cube with an edge of \(6 ~ft\) is divided by a vertical partition which passes through two diagonally opposite edges. Find the lateral surface of either compartment.

    \(LSA = 2A_s + A_d\), the lateral surface area is the sum of the area of two square sides \(2A_s\) and the area of the diagonal side \(A_d\).

    Diagonals of a square is \(s\sqrt{2}\), where \(s\) is the side.

    \(A_s = 6x 6 = 36\)

    \(A_d = 6(6\sqrt{2}) = 36\sqrt{2}\)

    \(LSA = 2(36) +36\sqrt{2} \)

    \(LSA = 122.91~ft^2\)