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  1. Coverage of Criminology Board Exam
    • CRIMINAL JURISPRUDENCE, PROCEDURE AND EVIDENCE(20%). Criminal Law Book I, Criminal Law Book II, Criminal Procedure, Evidence and Court Testimony
    • LAW ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION(20%). Police Organization and Administration with Police Planning, Industrial Security Administration, Police Patrol Operation with Police Communication System, Police Intelligence, Police Personnet and Records Management, Comparative Police System.
    • CRIMINALISTICS(20%). Personal Identification, Police Photography, Forensics Ballistics, Questioned Documents Examination,Polygraph(Lie Detection), Legal Medicine.
    • CRIME DETECTION AND INVESTIGATION(15%). Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation, Traffic Management and Accident Investigation, special Crime Investigation, Organized Crime Investigation, Drug Education and Vice Control, Fire technology and Arson Investigation.
    • SOCIOLOGY OF CRIMES AND ETHICS(15%) Introduction to Criminology and Psychology of Crimes, Philipppine Crimininal Justice System, Ethics and Values, Junivile Delinquency, human Behavior and Crisis Management and Criminological Research and Statistics.
    • CORRECTIONAL ADMINISTRATION(10%). Institutional Corrections, Non Institutional Corrections

  2. Passing Score (%) of Criminology Board Examination
    • General Average of 75% and
    • No grade lower than 50% in any given subject

  3. Qualification for Criminology Board Examination
    • NSO / PSA Birth Certificate
    • NSO / PSA Marriage Contract (for married female applicants)
    • Transcript of Records with scanned picture and Remarks "For Board Examination Purposes"(First Timers & Repeaters)
    • Valid NBI Clearance(First Timers & Repeaters)
    • RTC Clearance - First Timer & Repeater
    • Three (3) Certificate of Good Moral Character from the following: (First Timer & Repeater )
      • Barangay Chairman
      • Parish Priest
      • Dean of School
      • Employer
    • Payment: P900.00 - complete

  4. Requirements for Criminology Board Examination
    • He/She is at least eighteen years of age and a citizen of the Philippines
    • He/She must be a person of good moral character, as certified to by at least three persons of good standing in the community wherein he resides
    • He/She must not have convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude
    • He/She has a graduated in Criminology from a school, college or institute recognized by the Government after completing a four-year resident collegiate course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Criminology (B.S. Crim.): Provided, That holders of Bachelor of Laws degree may, within five years after the approval of this Act, take this examination after completing at least ninety-four (94) units of Criminology, Law Enforcement, Police Science and Penology subjects
    From: Criminology Board Law
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