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  1. Qualifications and requirements for taking Master Plumber Exam
    • Transcript of Records with Special Order (S.O.)
      • Civil Engineering
      • BS in Architect
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Chemical Engineering
      • Mining Engineering
    • For non-degree holders: High School Diploma / Transcript of Records & Notarized Certificate of Experience for five (5) years signed by Registered Master Plumber whose date of registration is prior to the date of employment
    • Certificate of Employment or service record *BSEE GRADUATES - with five (5) years experience - FTB
    • NSO / PSA Birth Certificate
    • NSO / PSA Marriage Contract (for married female applicants)
    • ranscript of Records with scanned picture and Remarks "For Board Examination Purposes"
    • Payment:Php 600.00

  2. Master Plumber Passing Score
    • Average Rating not less than 70% and
    • No rating lower than 50% in any given subject

  3. Application Requirements for Civil Engineering Board Exam
    • Average Rating not less than 75% and
    • No rating lower than 50% in any given subject

  4. Coverage of Mater Plumber Board Exam
    • Code of Ethics
    • Permits
    • Plumbing Terms
    • General Regulations
    • Quality and Weight of Materials
    • Joints and Connections
    • Traps and Cleanout
    • Water Supply and Distribution
    • Plumbing Fixtures
    • Ventilation of Rooms and Fixtures
    • Minimum Trap Diameters, Drain Size and Fixtures Unit Value (Tables)
    • Maximum Fixtures Unit on one stock
    • Maximum permissible height and size of vents
    • Construction of a septic vault
    • Hot water and steam waste
    • House Drain and house sewer
    • Horizontal branches
    • Special waste
    • Inspection and Test
    • Special Provisions
    • Modern Algebra
    • Trigonometry
    • Geometry
    • Physics
    • Financial Arithmetic
    • Plan Reading and Interpretation
    • Plumbing Materials
    • Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances
    • Hand and Machine Tools
    • Maintenance and Repair
    • Bill of Materials and Estimates
    • Obligations and Contracts
    • Development of sources of water for rural residences
    • Waste water treatment and disposal for building and premises
    • Water supply and distribution system
    • Sanitary drainage and ventilating system
    • Storm and sub-surface drainage system
    • Water heating system
    • Dry and wet sand pipes
    • Water pumps, tank, cistern, sewage
    • Installation and workmanship
    • Plan and specification


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