How to Apply for the PRC Board Exam Online in 5 Easy Steps

N. Banos (2023 Updated)

Gone are the days of lengthy queues and manual application processes for the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) board exams. With the advent of online services, aspiring professionals can now apply for their desired board exams from the comfort of their own homes. In this article, we aim to simplify the application process by providing a comprehensive step-by-step guide on applying for the PRC board exam online. From registration to document submission, we will walk you through each stage and equip you with valuable tips to ensure a seamless experience. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to convenience as we navigate the world of online applications for PRC board exams.

Requirements Before Registering to PRC Online

  • A valid email address and mobile number
  • Date of graduation (usually written in your OTR or Transcript of Records)
  • A valid ID
  • Community tax certificate (CTC) or cedula
  • A soft copy of your 2 x 2 ID picture. See guilines below.

1. Register with PRC Portal (LERIS)
Begin your registration process by accessing the PRC Portal (LERIS) at Provide the required information on the portal and click the "register" button to proceed. LERIS
2. Sign In + 2x2 ID
After registering, log in to your account using your email and password. Once logged in, complete your profile by providing the necessary details. Additionally, you will need to upload a 2x2 ID picture. To ensure a smooth process and avoid disapproval, follow the guidelines below when uploading your photo:
  • White background: Ensure that the photo has a plain white background, as it provides a clean and professional look.
  • Recent photo: The photo should have been taken within the last 6 months before your PRC online appointment. Avoid using old photos to ensure accuracy.
  • Visible ears: Make sure your ears are visible in the photo. Avoid hairstyles or accessories that obstruct the view of your ears.
  • No eyeglasses: Remove any eyeglasses or sunglasses before taking the photo. PRC guidelines prohibit the use of eyewear in ID photos.
  • Decent attire with collar: Wear appropriate attire for a professional identification photo. Choose a decent outfit with a collar for a more formal appearance.
  • Avoid shadows: Ensure no shadows or obstructions on your face in the photo. This helps to maintain clarity and visibility.
  • Adhering to these guidelines increases the likelihood of your ID photo being approved without any issues during the PRC application process.

3. Select Transaction
Select the name of exam, date of exam, type of exam and the place of exam. Then click proceed to continue. LERIS

4. Schedule an Appointment with PRC
Select your desired PRC regional office where you intend to submit your application. Once you've selected, a list of available appointment schedules (slots) will be presented. It's important to note that these appointment slots are free of charge. Simply choose a suitable appointment slot from the provided options. LERIS
5. Choose Payment Method
To finalize your application, please choose your preferred payment method. It is highly recommended to opt for online payment to avoid any inconvenience at the PRC cashier, particularly if there is a long queue. By selecting the online payment option, you can streamline the process and eliminate any potential hassle. LERIS


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