Criminology Licensure Exam (CLE)Passing Rate for the Past Board Exams

Have you ever wondered, how many examinees are passing the criminology licensure exam (CLE) every year? and how high is the passing rate for this licensure exam?

There are generally 6 areas of the CLE and to pass this exam the examinee needs to get an average rating of 75% or better but no area should be lower than 50%. The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) conducts two exam schedules in a year. The first schedule is usually given at the first half of the year and the second schedule is on the second half, like October or December. Check CLE Coverage Here!!

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The Passing Rate

The takers

Commulative Takers

The Summary of Passing Rates
Year First Sched Exam Second Sched Exam
2010 31.67% 35.33%
2011 43.75% 21.58%
2012 32.56% 32.17%
2013 42.28% 45.27%
2014 33.79% 43.44%
2015 29.51% 32.68%
2016 23.90% 31.35%
2017 24.99% 35.67%
2018 33.37% 34.65%
2019 38.46% 44.11%
2020 No Exam Due to Pandemic
2021 No Exam Due to Pandemic 34.16%