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The NBI clearance serves as proof of a clean criminal record in the Philippines, often required for employment, travel, and various other purposes. Applying for an NBI clearance has become more convenient through the online application system available on the NBI website. The process itself is simple and direct. It involves providing personal details like your name, date of birth, and address, along with uploading a scanned copy of a valid ID. Once your application is submitted, you'll receive an email confirming your appointment details. On the designated date, you'll visit the NBI office to have your fingerprints taken. After this step, you'll receive your NBI clearance.

  1. Summary
    • Register and log in at the NBI Website Clearance Application
    • Select an Appointment and NBI Branch
    • Pay fees through online payment or over the counter.
    • Present your self during the scheduled appointment and don't forget your ID.
    • Get your NBI clearance.
    • Applicants with an “NBI Clearance Hit Status“ status receive a five- to some ten-day waiting period when NBI researchers meticulously see if the “derogatory records” are part of you or a namesake.
    • For detailed explanation about the “NBI Clearance Hit Status“, visit their site HERE

  2. Bring 2 Governement Issued Valid ID's
    • UMID
    • Passport
    • Driver's License
    • PRC License
    • Birht Certificate Authenticated by PSA (ORIGINAL COPY)
    • Etc...
    • Please keep in mind that Non-Government issued I.D's such as Company I.D's and Barangay Clearance are NOT ACCEPTED as Valid I.D's in processing NBI clearance. Additionally, a Barangay Certificate is required for First Time Job Seekers availing the free service under RA 11261.

  3. Validity of the Clearance
  4. The clearance is only valid for one (1) year.

  5. How to Register
  6. Securing an Appointment
  7. Select the branch and the available slot.

    NBI Appointments

  8. Payment Methods
  9. These are the available payment methods as indicate in the NBI website.

    NBI Payment Methods

  10. To check you appointment click transcations.
  11. NBI Transactions


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