The Module: An Opinion on DepEd's Distance Learning

Well to start, I was a teacher years before.

After DepEd announced that there will be a distance learning this coming school year, immediately a lot of parents and guardians voice out their concerns. A lot of them were dissatisfied with every method DepEd presents. The “What ifs” concerns flooded the comment sections on the social media.

I would agree on the first two methods. It is true that there are people in this country who can't afford those but on the third method I just don't agree with them. Because a module was supposed to be designed so that the learner will be able to learn on its own (self-learning). I'll repeat that, "On its own". So why do parents complain about that, learning should not supposed to be googling the answers, learning should not supposed to be parents telling their kids what’s the answer and learning is not just about answering the questions.

The purpose of a module is for students to learn on their own. In a module the contents were supposed to be included and explained. The questions are just to evaluate if the student was able learn something from that module. The questions should not be just a task to be done for the sake of class requirements.


From personal observations, if you gave a student a module they would answer the questions immediately without even reading the content. Then definitely they would not be able to answer it and and soon they will just google the answer. With that, the purpose of giving a module was not achieved.

Well if the teacher only give questions, then probably the topics were already discussed or if it was not discussed then that topic is a basic knowledge but if not again then probably the teacher did not prepare a module or the teacher don't know what's a module.

Do you know that a lot of greats learn on their own, just think of Thomas Edison. According to his biography he taught himself much by reading on his own. Also educational researches shows that learning through modules have a positive impact to learning. What I mean here is, it is true that learning through modules can be difficult but learning through it is possible and can be effective.

Like any other teaching methods modules and online learning have advantages and disadvatages. So if you are at the disadvantages try to adjust and meet at the middle. Remember today is not like yesterday we are at the new normal.



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