Top 10: Reviewing the Most Devastating Typhoons that Hit the Philippines for the past 20 years

The rainy season in the Philippines usually starts in May and ends in November or can even extend to December. During this season everyone in the country is wary about the incoming typhoons. Since there is a long history of typhoon destruction in the country. So we wonder, will the next typhoon be stronger than the previous ones?

In this article, let us look back into some typhoons that hit the country in the most devastating way. Note that these are from personal experiences, observations, and researches of the author. Always keep in mind that all typhoons are dangerous, I have to meet a friendly typhoon yet.

#1. Yolanda - 2013
#2. Pablo - 2012
#3. Glenda - 2014
#4. Ompong - 2018
#5. Pepeng and Ondoy 2009
#6. Ulysses - 2020
#7. Rolly - 2020
#8. Pedring - 2011
#9. Lando - 2015
#10. Frank - 2008